tips on electric scooter maintenance

Electric Scooter Maintenance: How To Take Care of Your E-scooter? 

The cost and frequency of maintaining an electric scooter is on average lower than those which run on petrol. However, that does not mean that your electric scooter requires no maintenance at all. You do need to take care of your electric scooter as you would need to do with any other automobile. With growing popularity of electric scooters in Nepal, the need for more awareness regarding e-scooter maintenance has also risen. The best electric scooters in Nepal will provide you with optimum range and battery life, however, as a rider, it is also important to take care of your scooter to ensure longevity of your ride. 

There are a lot of differences between maintaining an electric scooter and a petrol one. We seek to provide you the much needed information about electric scooter maintenance through this article.

When it comes to automobiles, there are two kinds of maintenances:

1. Preventive Maintenance
2. Corrective Maintenance

 Preventive maintenance helps you avoid fatal hazards, reduces repair costs, and mostly can be done by the rider himself or herself. Whereas, if you only conduct corrective maintenance you are in danger of accidents and risk higher maintenance costs. You also put other people in danger and will require professionals to conduct such kind of maintenance. 

So how to keep your e-scooter in good condition through preventive maintenance? Listed below are some ways you can maintain your electric scooter:

Tips For Electric Scooter Maintenance

Regularly wipe down the scooter to remove any dirt, debris, or moisture that may have accumulated in the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals and water to clean the electric components of the scooter.

1. Lubricating the Scooter Parts

Lubricating all of the parts which get friction improves the efficiency and performance of the scooter. This helps to reduce the waste of energy and will also extend the life of your scooter’s parts. 

2. Maintaining the Wheels 

Check the air pressure in your tires regularly and maintain their recommended air pressure. Make sure to hold your breaks slowly and not suddenly as this can cause the rubber to scrape off on the road. If you see signs of wear and tear, get your tires replaced.

3. Checking the Brakes

Properly functioning brakes are essential for the safety of the riders. Check the pads of your scooter’s disc brake for the signs of wear and tear. The condition of your brakes will determine how quickly your EV stops once you hit your brakes.  

4. Taking Care of Batteries

Batteries are the most expensive part of any electric vehicle. Neglecting your EV’s batteries may mean making a costly replacement in the future.  Follow the instruction manual to prevent overcharging or overheating. Most EV batteries become damaged if they completely drain out, so make sure you do not drain your battery. It is also essential to protect your battery from getting wet, so make sure that your EV is parked in a dry spot or covered with a waterproof cover. 

More on Battery Maintenance of Electric Scooters

Always keep your battery in places with above 0 degree Celsius temperature. Do not charge the battery immediately after your ride, but rather let the battery cool down. Make sure the charger you are using is the original one provided by your manufacturer or if it is compatible with your battery. Remember to unplug your charger after the battery is full. Even if you do not use your E-Scooter, charge it at least once every month.

5. Monitor Your Electric Scooter’s Performance and Efficiency

Always closely monitor your Scooter’s performance and efficiency. Check how the range that your electric scooter is providing per one full charge. Also, always be mindful of any abnormalities in display, brakes and lighting. Observe how well your electric scooter is handling inclines and slopes. 

6. Properly Washing Your Electric Scooter

While washing your Electric Scooter make sure your scooter is switched off.  Also, because electric scooters are not completely waterproof, do not use a water hose. Make sure to wash your scooter outdoors only.

Besides these tips on electric scooter maintenance, you need to know your electric scooter and its specs. To understand what can and cannot be done with your electric scooter. There are many benefits of owning an electric scooter. With less moving parts, electric scooters will require less maintenance. They produce less noise and emit no harmful air pollutants.

The running cost of an electric scooter is drastically lower than a petrol scooter. Also, owning an electric scooter will help you handle fuel shortages with ease. However, if you want your electric scooter to have longer life, reading and following the instruction manual of your two-wheeler is a must. Also, make timely and proper use of after sales service and maintenance service provided by the manufacturer of your electric scooter.

At last, if you want to ride safely and extend the life of your electric scooter, you will need to:

Man preparing to ride Yadea electric scooter

Before Every Ride:

  • Ensure Lights and Indicators work as they should
  • Check tire pressure
  • Ensure wheels and handlebars turn smoothly

Every month:

  • Check for wear and tear in the tire
  • Check your charger for signs of damage
  • Check damage in cables

Every 6 months:

  • Tighten bolts
  • Ensure the condition of chassis and fork
  • Adjust brakes

Maintaining your electric scooter properly can extend its life span. Neglecting your electric scooter’s maintenance can cost you financially as well as put your safety at risk. Remember, you have the responsibility to take good care of your EV, as much as the electric scooter dealer has of maintaining the quality of EVs being sold.