electric scooter FAQs

Questions about trend-setting electric scooters answered

Electric scooters are the new trend-setting scooters because they are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other traditional scooters. Electric scooters have gained popularity as a trendy mode of transportation for short distances.

Before purchasing an electric scooter, one might have many queries. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about electric scooters to help you clear up any confusion.

Do we need a license for an electric scooter in Nepal?

Do not trust the rumor that an electric scooter can be driven without a license. The Nepali government made it necessary to have a license for an electric scooter after the majority of people switched from traditional to electric scooters.

Having a license for an electric scooter indicates that you have received proper two-wheeler training and have learned the traffic rules. Once you have obtained your riding license, you must wear safety equipment, such as a helmet, to ensure your safety while riding. For your safety, it is best to have a license before riding an electric scooter.

Can electric scooters be used for deliveries?

Yes, electric scooters can be used for deliveries as well. Most electric scooters have more energy which allows you to move to different places after one full charge. Yadea has an S-model scooter which is suitable for delivery services. With an average range of 80-100 km, you can make deliveries within the city.

Yadea S- Like design provides the best seating design. The design’s comfort and lightness have made navigating the traffic much simpler. An electric scooter can cover from 35-45 miles on average on one full charge, giving you ample time to make multiple deliveries during the day. Your savings from its energy efficiency feature will be substantial and beneficial in many ways.

Worried that you cannot use e-scooters on rainy days? You would want to worry less on this matter because Yadea scooters are waterproof and shockproof making them a very safe scooter to use. 

Additionally, for useful deliveries, the S-like scooter has a transport box that fits perfectly with your S-like scooter.

How much electricity does an electric scooter need?

An electric scooter runs on a battery, so it requires charging. However, the charging time may vary due to various factors. 

Most e-scooters take from 5 to 10 hours to charge depending on the battery capacity. Yadea scooters in Nepal usually take 5 to 6 hours to get fully charged. There is a reason why e-scooters are energy efficient: it consumes the least energy to get your scooter on the move after a full battery charge. 

It only takes 4-5 units of electricity to fully charge your scooters, which is much more energy-efficient than scooters that run on petrol.  

Most two-wheeler scooters have a function for overcharge protection, meaning that the scooter will automatically stop charging once it is fully charged. This will help to increase the battery life. 

It is best that you make a wise decision and switch to electric scooters in this world of the petroleum crisis.

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Which is the best electric scooter in Nepal?

For a good reason, electric scooters are frequently seen on roads and are the trend setters. Its power pact performance has everyone thinking about switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. Electric scooters have evolved with time and have become very convenient for everyday use. 

Yadea has scooters that you can choose from according to your need and preference. These scooters have intelligent power management systems. It tells you beforehand that the battery is running out. Further, its smart auto ECO mode limits the scooter’s speed which will allow you to cover a further distance with a single power charge. 

It has a very effective cooling system that prevents overheating after prolonged use. Its efficient operation has allowed you to use it for longer periods without stopping, allowing the system to cool. 

Yadea CS1, Yadea G5, and Yadea S-Like are the best electric scooter in Nepal that you can choose from various color options and go on fun rides. 

Why use an electric scooter?

You might be finding many reasons why you should be shifting to e-scooters. We will be providing you with more than one reason why electric scooters are the best. 

1. Eco-friendly

Electric scooters are eco-friendly as they don’t consume more non-renewable energy like oil, natural gas, coal, or nuclear energy. Further e-scooters produce zero emission which means that it doesn’t release pollutants or greenhouse gasses into the air. Its silent operation cancels the noise pollution. So, you will be contributing to making the environment less polluted and noisy.

2. Uses less electricity

With equal performance, electric scooters consume less power. It typically consumes 4-5 units of electricity, which is significantly less than the expenses incurred by a traditional scooter that runs on fuel.

3. Save money in the long run

Electric two-wheelers save on gas because they don’t need to be refueled now and then. No use of petrol also means that these scooters do not have parts such as an engine and exhaust pipes that require constant servicing. This allows you to avoid maintenance and repair costs. These scooters are battery-powered, which also results in cost savings while providing mileage on an equal level with gasoline-powered models.
To further keep your electric scooter running smoothly for longer, learn about the ways to maintain your electric scooter.

4. Perfect for short distances

Electric scooters have a limited range compared to trains or the bus, but they are perfect for people who need to travel short distances frequently. You can use them to commute to your office a few kilometers away or visit your friends in another subdivision.

5. Low maintenance cost

An electric bike requires a battery and a motor setup. There are essentially no maintenance-related challenges when compared to a conventional bike. In this case, there is no engine oil, chains, filters, etc.

This lowers the cost of maintenance and eliminates the need for frequent trips to the gas station.

6. Quickly And Conveniently Rechargeable Batteries

Riding electric scooters is the best because the batteries are typically powered by detachable lithium-ion batteries that are easy and quick to charge.

How fast can an electric scooter go?

Electric scooters are made for speed. You cannot underestimate the speed an electric scooter can cover. However, the speed of an electric scooter can vary on several factors, such as the model, the terrain, and the battery level. 

The average top speed of an electric scooter is between 24 and 48 km/h (15 to 30 mph), though some models can go even faster.

Yadea scooters have a speed range of 60 km/hr, allowing you to get anywhere in a remarkably short amount of time. They are powered by GTR 3.0 high-performance broadband waterproof hub motors.

If you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, an electric scooter could be the best option for you. Compared to traditional scooters and other vehicles, electric scooters have several advantages that make them an attractive choice. Therefore, don’t hesitate and buy the top electric scooter in Nepal right away. Yadea has E-bikes as well if you are interested in riding a bicycle.